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Dan Rhodes - President and Founder (LinkedIn Profile)

Dan is a lifelong IoT fanatic, and has been developing embedded IoT products for over 20 years (since before IoT was IoT). He has designed products with everything from vacuum tubes to FPGAs, and sent data in every imaginable format over phone lines, magnetic pulses, sound waves, light waves, and radio waves of all shapes, sizes, and frequencies. Since 2000 Dan has focused solely on IoT development, matching technologies to business goals and managing the R&D, manufacturing, certification, and deployment of more than 13 separate cellular products in many different markets. He is an expert in turning market needs into actionable product specifications, then preparing an organization as a whole to properly develop, manufacture, deploy, support, and collect revenue on a cellular product.

Prior to Abbian Engineering, Dan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from UC Santa Cruz in Silicon Valley, after which he worked as an engineer at Lockheed Martin and Sandia National Laboratories. After relocating to San Diego in 2001, Mr. Rhodes held engineering and management
positions at well known IoT companies including Graviton, Kyocera Wireless, SAIC, DriveCam (now Lytx), Aquaspy, and Soberlink.

We utilize seasoned engineering professionals with extensive industry experience in order to minimize any learning curve on new programs. We can work on or off site depending on the needs and resources of our customers. Each project begins with a draft statement of work that is approved by the client. During the implementation phase we communicate status regularly, and any deviation from the original project estimate or scope is clearly communicated as soon as possible. We provide continuing support as needed once the implementation phase of the project has been completed.

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